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Common Sense Hiring

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Few things are as disruptive to a business as making hiring mistakes. The anxiety of performing a termination, the challenge of making emotionally charged decisions regarding severance packages, communications, and documentation; and the cost and time of rehiring - all of which emphasize the need to do it right the first time. Yet most businesses rely upon a brief, highly manipulated, resume to select prospects to interview followed by an interview of a few candidates who will be at their very best during the exchange. When relying upon such little data, is it any wonder that the hiring process can go wrong?

In the late 1990s, I served as the Geschäftsführer or Managing Director of a German Medical Device firm. Employer responsibilities were severe under German law. Discharged employees (except for cause) were entitled to two years of severance pay. As you can imagine, with such a harsh penalty for terminations, good hiring practices were of paramount concern. Job descriptions were detailed. Multiple assessments were used to evaluate prospects including personality profiles, interpersonal style preferences, and team fit. The hiring process took time and multiple interviews were conducted by the stakeholders dependent upon the candidate. As a byproduct, employers were committed to developing employees. Typically, trust and loyalty was reciprocated.

For your company, consider spending more time on the hiring process to carefully evaluate candidates. While there is generally no significant severance penalty to terminations in America, the cost and disruption of rehiring can often be avoided.

If you would like suggestions for assessment instruments, please contact me at - Ed Wright


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