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Scholarly research is essential in business consulting as it provides evidence-based insights and recommendations to guide decision-making. It helps to ensure that consulting services are grounded in best practices and informed by the latest industry developments, ultimately leading to more effective and successful outcomes for clients. 

Scholarly Publications

Improving employee selection with a revised resume format

EW Wright, TA Domagalski, R Collins

Business Communication Quarterly 74 (3), 272-286


Patent - US - Mechanism for measuring device

RA Lia, R Vivenzio, SS Stearns, D Danna, TJ Smith, AI Krauter, EW Wright, ...

US Patent 6,082,170


Electronic health records: postadoption physician satisfaction and continued use

E Wright, J Marvel

The Health Care Manager 31 (3), 259-267


Project-based strategic management education: A client perspective on key challenges

M Garrido-Lopez, YC Hillon, W Cagle, E Wright

Journal of Small Business Strategy 28 (2), 68-79


Millennials: A Surprising Inconsistency in the Moral Frameworks Employed for Ethical Decision Making

E Wright, JE Marvel, K DesMarteau

Journal of Academic and Business Ethics 9, 1-14


A new scorecard for strategic planning

EW Wright, YC Hillon, M Garrido-Lopez, D Fowler

Journal of Business Strategy


The Rx for Electronic Healthcare Records: Time, Not Incentives

EW Wright

Sprouts: Working Papers on Information Systems 5 (22), 156-177


Analysis and Recommendations for Reducing Risks of Patient Crosscontaminations Via Noncritical Medical Devices

EW Wright, JH Marvel, J Neubrander, K DesMarteau

The Health Care Manager 33 (3), 205-213


Layoffs at Hospitals: A Challenge for Health Care Managers

J Kinard, E Wright

The Health Care Manager 30 (2), 139


Patent - US - Modular blood pressure measurement apparatus

JA Lane, SW Burnett, TJ Grant, RW Newman, SCS Pierre, E Wright, ...

US Patent 7,699,787


Evaluating the Influence of Venue on Experiential, Project-Based Learning

E Wright, A Wayne, J Marvel

International Journal of Business Education


Innovation in Hospital Revenues: Developing Retail Sales Channels

EW Wright, J Marvel, MK Wright

The Health Care Manager 37 (1), 47-54


An Employer’s Guide to Controlling Health Care Costs

T Creasy, E Wright, J Kinard

The Health Care Manager 31 (2), 112-120


Introducing Operations and Materials Management Concepts with a Classroom Production Activity

E Wright, H Moss

International Journal of Business, Humanities, and Technology 2 (25), p 45-53


Patent - US - Blood pressure determining method

TB Whitaker, CM Meyerson, E Wright, ME Pingel, Welch Allyn, Inc., ...

US Patent 7,427,267


A Comparison of Learning Effectiveness in On-Line and Face-to-Face Project-Based Pedagogy

E Wright, A Wayne, J Marvel

Journal of Global Business Education


A Guide to Strategic Planning

D Wright, E. and Fowler

Kendall Hunt


The One Page Strategic Plan



Common Sense Terminations

E Wright

Supervision 75 (6), 13-17


Common Sense Performance Appraisals

E Wright, T Domagalski, J Marvel

Supervision 74 (5), 15-18


Common Sense Hiring

EW Wright

Supervision 71 (5), 15-17

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